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How You Can Help

OneAcross starting providing answers to crossword clues in October of 1999. Since then, the site has steadily gained users every month. We've gotten some fantastic notes from people about how much they enjoy and benefit from the service. We're glad---for something that started as just a fun seminar for grad students, this has touched a lot more people than we ever expected.

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We've had trouble in the past with the site or the search capability being unavailable to many people for long times due to load on the server. It is possible we'll reach a threshold where we simply cannot continue to grow on existing hardware.

Therefore, we've taken a step to raise some revenue in order to keep the service going and hopefully expand. OneAcross searches are still free, but we are asking for voluntary contributions. We suggest a contribution of $20 for a year (about like a magazine subscription).

You can contribute through either Amazon or PayPal, through the links on this page. We would suggest that you choose to notify us of who you are when given the option in Amazon, or at least make note of when and how much you paid. If we end up going to a subscription system sometime in the future, we want to make sure everyone gets credit for money they've already given. You can also contribute by check, by sending a check payable to "OneAcross" to the address below:

c/o Fairfield Language Technologies
135 West Market Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

In any case, we hope you will continue to use OneAcross, to have patience as we grow, and to share your thoughts about the future of the site.

Thanks for your support!