Proverb at AAAI-99

The Proverb crossword solving program was on display as part of the Intelligent Systems Demonstrations track at AAAI-99 in Orlando, Florida. On Tuesday, July 20 at 5:00pm, we conducted an informal competition, pitting conference attendees against Proverb on a prerelease edition of a New York Times crossword puzzle provided by Will Shortz (Thursday, July 29).

Noam Shazeer, Greg Keim and Michael Littman prepare Proverb for the challenge

Some spectators attempted the puzzle, and some watched as Proverb attempted to fill in the grid in real-time.

Proverb missed 3 letters and 5 words in the puzzle, which it completed in 14 minutes. Several attendees beat Proverb on this puzzle, with two successfully completing the puzzle in under 10 minutes.

Proverb also ran during the AI Festival on Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by (including a special appearance by constructor Merl Reagle). We had a great time!

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