Proverb: Candidate Generation

In the first stage of the system, candidates for each clue are generated independently of grid information. Clues are seperated from the grid and passed to a collection of expert modules. The modules generate candidates for each clue given the target length. Each module returns a confidence score (how sure it is that the answer lies in its list), and a weighted list of possible answers.

For example, given the clue:

<Farrow of ``Peyton Place'' [3]: MIA>

the movie module returns:

1.0: 0.909091 MIA, 0.010101 TOM, 0.010101 KIP, ... 0.010101 BEN, 0.010101 PEG, 0.010101 RAY

The module returns a 1.0 confidence in its list, and gives higher weight to the person on the show with the given last name, while giving lower weight to other cast members.

Partial List of Expert Modules

Other Module Info

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