Proverb in the News

9/1999 American Scientist Going Cruciverbalistic (alternate copy, local copy, cartoon )
7/1999 The Sciences Proverbially Unwise
6/12/1999 The Economist Crow's broad roost (anag) ( subscribers only)
5/13/1999 Blue Danube Radio Radio interview (Vienna)
5/6/1999 The Christian Science Monitor Not Bad for a First Try
5/5/1999 CKNW Radio interview (Vancouver)
5/1/1999 The Herald-Sun Editoral Page: Proverb wins Durham Grit Award
5/1/1999 New Scientist Crossword wizard (local copy)
4/28/1999 The Chronicle Defeating the crossword
4/26/1999 The Herald-Sun Proverb tackles N.Y. Times crosswords (local copy)
4/24/1999 The Daily Telegraph Computer is clued up on crosswords (requires registration)
4/19/1999 Dialogue Duke researchers pit computer against human crossword puzzle players

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